Regina Music Box Directions / Operating Instructions
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 Al Meekins
Regina Music Box, Lid Up, Ready To Put Disc On.


Raise The Holder Arm by Depressing the spring loaded thumb lock and lift the arm up and over to the side.
Adjust the Tune sheet / Disc with the smooth side up on to the center spindle as far down as it will go and see
 the word " Beginning " lies directly under the arm. Take Care that the pins on the disc drive wheel, to the right,
 fit into the guiding holes on the edge of the disc.
The disc sits/rides on top of the 2 dishing rollers located inside of the cabinet ( see photo below ).
Turn the Hold Down Arm down onto the center spindle, and see that the spring fits and locks into the notch on the center spindle.
You can test if the hold down is correctly locked down by trying to pull the hold down arm up without depressing the thumb lock.
Turn the crank several times or until a resistance is felt. Always release the crank very gently and carefully
to be certain the power retaining dog is safely engaged before letting go of the crank.
Slide the on / off  lever to the right then after a few notes play the music, bring it back to stop. It will stop at the end of the tune.
To continue the same tune allow the lever to remain to the right and the tune will be repeated until the lever is drawn back
to stop, then it will stop at the end of the tune.
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